Soria moria / Slottet / Z-kroa (NO)

An old building shaped as a castle on top of a hill, silently waits to be demolished. It used to be a restaurant in the 80-ties when the road passed straight by. It had different names like Soria Moria, Slottet (Castle) and Z-kroa. Now, when the new motorway is thundering by below and the cars barely notice the place, the building became abandoned. The are around is a huge construction site.

The inside of this place was empty. I’m pretty sure they made that wall look like a face with purpose… It even has a cap.

A few days after these pictures was shot the place was demolished.

Walking up to the building. Nice sunny evening.

The building doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen before.

Whoever built this surly made it look like it had a cap, eyes, mouth etc on purpose.

The inside was very empty.

An nice place to eat back in the days.

Everything is gone inside. The place is ready to be demolished.

A pool table in the basement.

On the roof.

2 thoughts on “Soria moria / Slottet / Z-kroa (NO)

    1. Takk for at du fikk dokumentert dette før det ble revet.
      Så “slottet” fra hovedveien hver morgen på vei inn til oslo og hadde lyst til å undersøke det nærmere.
      Pluselig en dag så var det bare borte… Nå skjønner jeg hvorfor.

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