Papermill S (NO)

While most of the topside of this factory has been demolished a long time ago, several floors underneath ground still exist. The factory was first built in 1891 next to a waterfall and a river. Production started in 1983 with four paper machines and a few years it was the largest paper mill in Northern Europe. In 1914 the mill produces 35000 tons paper and 60000 tons of wet pulp. In 1986/87 the production stopped because of tougher competition and poor economic conditions leaving the place empty and abandoned.

We had heard rumors of the underground levels still there and seen a few pictures online. Straight away it was difficult to find the entrance, but with a little searching and luck we soon walked down into the darkness and overlooked a large decayed concrete world. Even if the machines were gone and there was just a few objects left to photograph the place itself had a wonderful tranquil feeling which was great to explore.

papermills__0000_Layer 26

papermills__0001_Layer 25

papermills__0002_Layer 24

papermills__0003_Layer 23

papermills__0004_Layer 22

papermills__0005_Layer 21

papermills__0006_Layer 20

papermills__0007_Layer 19

papermills__0008_Layer 18

papermills__0009_Layer 17

papermills__0010_Layer 15

papermills__0011_Layer 14

papermills__0012_Layer 13

papermills__0013_Layer 12

papermills__0014_Layer 11

papermills__0015_Layer 10

papermills__0016_Layer 9

papermills__0017_Layer 8

papermills__0018_Layer 7

papermills__0019_Layer 6

papermills__0020_Layer 5

papermills__0021_Layer 4

papermills__0022_Layer 3

papermills__0023_Layer 2

papermills__0024_Layer 1

9 thoughts on “Papermill S (NO)

    1. Thank you Will! I’ve been a little slow responding to these comments. Sorry about that. Anyway, glad you like my pictures. 🙂

    1. Hi Amy! It is a very fascinating hobby. I see lots of interesting places few people are able to visit. It is very dangerous sometimes so I have to watch out for bad flooring, holes and other hazards all the time. This place had especially many high places and unsafe floors. 🙂

    1. Thanks Kjell Roger! Appreciate your comment. I will upload some new locations soon I hope. Have a huge backlog of places to post.. it’s just the time… 😉

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