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I have written several times here and on Flickr that Krampnitz has been used as location for movies like ‘Inglourious Basterds’ (2009) and ‘Enemy at the gates’ (2001). Here is the proof. I have watched both movies and found the ‘Officers mess’ and ‘Heating house’. These are the places I have been to myself, but of course both movies have scenes shot in other buildings around the Krampnitz complex. The only thing I haven’t found is the swastika mosaic so that is still a mystery to me.

Exterior scene from ‘Enemy at the gates’. This is the main entrance to the Officers mess building with the large halls.

Scene from ‘Enemy at the gates’. The big hall inside the Officers Mess. They made the walls yellow for theese scenes.

Exterior scene from ‘Enemy at the gates’. Running to the heating house.

Scene from ‘Enemy at the gates’ shot inside the heating house. Joseph Fiennes and Jude Law is standing in front of the coal chutes.

Scene from ‘Inglourious Basterds’ shot inside the Officers Mess. Shot in the corridor. Notice they have covered the eagle on the fireplace in the back with a painting.

Scene from ‘Inglourious Basterds’.

Scene from ‘Inglourious Basterds’ shot inside the Officers Mess hall. Michael Fassbender and Mike Myers it talking in front of Rod Taylor.

5 thoughts on “Movie location – Krampnitz

  1. If youre still around to find the eagle, its across from the officers mess. the building is boarded up pretty well so go through a window. check all the second story corner rooms and youll find it. hurry though the spray paint is getting closer.

  2. Visited this place yesterday and only realized that half of these were in the films! Thanks for filling in the gaps. Also I can point the Eagle mosaic on a map if you’re still having trouble finding it…

  3. I love that’s the same paint job as Basterds still. I work in film locations, you often find places like this that let you film are always never restored after the Art Department have done their work. If your lucky, they’ll have done such a nice job that you’ll just use their colour/dressing scheme. If not, your Art Dept will redocrate the whole place, then you’ll leave for the next film crew.

    This can be a god send for small films who never have enough money to dress things as expensively as a big budget film. 🙂

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