Lekeland (NO)

These are pictures from a trip to a few Norwegian urbex locations with http://knudsens.wordpress.com/ this summer. His other page: http://www.knudsenfoto.com/ I’m terribly slow with updating my blog page I’m afraid. :/

This small playland/lekeland in the middle of a Norwegian city is deserted and forgotten. Quite a lot of different objects and remains of rides are still there. We were blessed with blue skies and great weather which usually makes it a bit difficult to make great photography. The place had water slide, mini-golf, strange troll-figures, car rides, gold digging etc. It opened in the 80ties and was actually once Norway’s oldest familiy park.

The sign at the entrance listing up all the activities.

Bridge without water.

Western theme objects

Decayed western theme carriage

Creepy trolls in the woods.

Close up of one of the strange faces.

Saloon caravan.

A grill

Inside a kiosk



Top of the water slide. Sign:”Depth 1.3 m”

Water slide, another angle.

Car track.

Damaged petrol pump.

Inside the hidden tunnel.

5 thoughts on “Lekeland (NO)

  1. Thanks for sharing photos, I didn’t know about this place’s demise. It thought it was a bit amusing that they had a small theme park squeezed in between a graveyard and those tall apartment buildings 🙂

  2. Er dette lekeland i Skien?
    Husker jeg var der når jeg var liten før det stengte, føles faktisk ikke så lenge siden. Det var helt anderledes da for å si det sånn 🙂
    Har vært innom der en liten tur etter det stengte og ser ut som på bildene, helt forlatt og igjengrodd …

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