Factory M (NO)

I had a very interesting trip to this Norwegian abandoned factory earlier this year. I found an inside space with trees and vegetation growing, and it was really cool to see how nature was taking the place back. A huge hole in the roof, which probably once supported a tank, made a perfect opening for incoming rain. The factory once received dead animals and waste parts from slaughter houses and these materials was grinded up to bone meal. High levels of animal fat in the ground, as well as residues from the factory operations, caused a peculiar smell on the entire first floor.

The place was abandoned in 1995 and is now demolished, but is well documented by a few Norwegian urbexers who suddenly found an interest in this place.

Factory exterior.

Another shot of the derelict factory in the distance.

Inside on the first floor.

A tank and other ruble on the messy first floor.

A room on second floor.

The two cool scales with faces.

Details of a wall.

Top floor.

Work bench and view over the top floor.

Another top floor shot looking towards my favourite area.

Really cool how nature is taking back the place.

Another shot of the trees and vegetation inside the factory.

Gauge detail 1

Detail shot

Gauge detail 2

Looking upwards from the bottom floor to the top with fish-eye.

Another part of the factory.

Easy access in and out.

The grinders.

5 thoughts on “Factory M (NO)

  1. Oi – lenge siden jeg har vært innom nå, og her var det masse flotte locations! Dette må ha vært litt av en UK-tour!

    Hadde en meget vellykket tur til Tyskland i sommer, Sivkat, min sønn og jeg. Alle steder ble besøkt, litt skuffet over Teupitz forresten, litt for slitent – men da vi kjørte igjennom Waldstadt på vei til Teupitz ble nysgjerrigheta vekket så det holdt! Men skrekkelig mye vakter…..

    Men nå får en jo lyst til å reise til England også….. Takk for titten! Jeg liker bedre å gå hit å se bilder enn på flickr!


  2. Hi! Your blog is great and all, and you write really well. One thing I’d love, and probably a lot of others, is that you name the locations a little more precisely than just which country they’re in. You could name the city, and possibly some coordnates. Thank you

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