Abandoned places

Taverna (NO)

Next to a busy Norwegian motorway is this small restaurant building left to decay. The inside witness of quite a lot of vandalism and chairs, menues and and tables are…Read More

Lekeland (NO)

These are pictures from a trip to a few Norwegian urbex locations with http://knudsens.wordpress.com/ this summer. His other page: http://www.knudsenfoto.com/ I’m terribly slow with updating my blog page I’m afraid.…Read More

Factory M (NO)

I had a very interesting trip to this Norwegian abandoned factory earlier this year. I found an inside space with trees and vegetation growing, and it was really cool to…Read More

Asylum D (UK)

This huge mental asylum was the first one built in Wales. Construction started in 1844 and four years later it opened. There were rumors about mistreated Welsh patients in English…Read More

Hospital PP (UK)

Hidden by trees and only accessible via small country roads, we found this beautiful old hospital building forgotten and decayed in the Welsh countryside. Originally owned by Sir Walter Bagot,…Read More

Asylum W (UK)

This psychiatric hospital in UK was built in 1869 but officially opened on 1st April 1873 capable of housing over 2000 patients. The large site included an Anglican church, a…Read More

Cinema (DE)

One of many cool places I visited together with a bunch of awesome photographers from Flickr on a new great urbex tour i Germany. This is an abandoned cinema somewhere…Read More

Empty factory (NO)

Along a river which since the 1500’s has been frequently used for sawing and milling operations, this abandoned concrete building lies on a disused industrial area. In 1850 there were…Read More

Warehouses (NO)

Three abandoned warehouses are lined up somewhere in Oslo. I do not know the history of these buildings but they may have been warehouses for prints and advertising material. Walls…Read More

Bunker (NO)

In Drøbak, south of Oslo, are some of Norwegians most important cultural heritages located. Out in the Oslo fjord is Oscarsborg Fortress which has guarded the waterway to the Norwegian…Read More

House (NO)

For many years this house has stood empty next to the E6 towards Oslo. The sound of cars and trucks and the motorway bridge next to it makes it understandable…Read More